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Wear Your Uniform with Pride – Which Staff Uniforms are Best for your Catering Business?

New staff uniforms to get your business off to a great start

staff uniform apronsWhether you’re starting a brand new business or are thinking about a change of image, investing in smart new staff uniforms is a great way to get off to a fantastic start. Whatever your reasons for buying new uniforms, it’s a good idea to spend time thinking about what will suit your staff and establishment best. In the Catering and Hospitality trade especially, fast judgements are made on the basis of staff presentation. Whilst this adds some pressure, it also means there’s a great opportunity to nail the impression you make.

If you run a hotel, the chances are you’ll have a fairly wide range of staff to provide uniforms for. Hotels are, on the whole, quite large establishments and by rushing into making a purchase, you could end up making a costly mistake. With chefs, waiting on staff, housekeepers, bar staff and reception staff to think of, buying new uniforms can seem particularly daunting but by choosing to order from us, we’ll aim to make it as easy as possible.

Staff uniforms designed to suit all tastes and requirements

chefs staff uniforms We offer a wide range of staff uniforms available in a broad selection of styles and colours. In order to make the best selection, we suggest that you try to choose a style of staff uniform that best fits with the image of your business. If your hotel is fairly traditional, for example, you might like to choose a traditional style of uniform such as black trousers/skirts and white shirts or blouses. If your establishment has a more contemporary feel, this is a great opportunity to go for something in a brighter colour, maybe to match or complement your logo.

When it comes to choosing uniforms to suit individual members of staff, don’t forget to take into account the nature of their role as this will have a bearing on the type of clothing that will make the most practical and comfortable uniform for them. Chefs generally prefer to wear traditional chef’s whites but during the summer a t shirt and chefs trousers might be a more practical option. For superior temperature control for chef’s whites, we also have specially designed mesh panelled chefs jackets which are also a practical chef uniform. Housekeeping staff usually wear tunics to protect their clothing but there’s no reason why these can’t be chosen in a colour to match or complement your logo.

Last and by no means least, don’t forget to order an adequate supply of uniforms! Shirts and blouses must always be in good to supply as they need to be changed more often but formal garments such as waistcoats don’t need to be quite so plentiful. Many of our items of uniform clothing for catering staff use Colourfast technology to hold their colours whilst their being washed. This does however mean that you’ll need a good rotation of uniform items for staff whilst worn items are in the laundry.

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