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Catering Clothing Designed to Minimise the Risk of Injury

Catering gloves and footwear to help protect your staff

If you run a café, restaurant, pub or bar you’ll doubtless be aware of the wide range of regulations which are designed to help you keep your catering team safe whilst they’re at work. With this in mind, if you’re choosing new uniforms for your catering staff, it’s vital to ensure that not only do they look smart and professional, but that they also provide protection from burns, scalds, cuts or falls.

Catering gloves for catering and bar staff

Catering staff can face a number of health and safety issued caused by their working environment and amongst the commonest tend to be skin problems. Skin problems such as eczema or dermatitis can be triggered by prolonged immersion in water and this is where wearing gloves can make a significant difference. Catering gloves, specially designed to protect the hands from hot water are an essential piece of kit for anyone who works in a professional kitchen.
Catering gloves can also reduce the risk of knife related injuries and specially designed gloves are available which are designed to protect the hands from shape blades without any loss of dexterity and comfort. White cotton gloves are useful for ensuring bar or waiting staff are able to keep their hands clean whilst working, whilst the natural fibres of the fabric will help to keep the hands cool.

Catering safety shoes and clogs

Another hazard of working in a catering kitchen can be the risk of slipping on wet floors. Specially designed catering footwear is the best solution to this problem as these shoes have thick rubber soles, designed to provide traction on damp or greasy floors. In addition, catering shoes with toe caps will help protect toes dropped equipment or hot liquids.

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