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New Year, new bar staff uniforms?

Now the hectic Christmas and New Year period is over, the January lull is the ideal time to start thinking about creating a fresh new look for the coming year. Investing in smart new bar staff uniforms is a great way to breathe new life into your bar or restaurant and will help give your team a much-needed boost.

Here at Catering Uniforms we supply a huge range of stylish clothing for bar staff, waiters, waitresses, chefs and kitchen staff. Whatever your budget we’ll have the ideal uniforms to help you create a smart, professional image, designed to impress your customers and to show your bar staff at their best. All this whilst being comfortable, practical for a busy service and affordable.

Using new uniforms to create a brand new look

Updating uniforms is a great way to create a brand new look and maybe try something a little different. We supply bar staff uniforms in a collection of fantastic designs, perfect for coordinating with your style concept and the requirements of your staff. Have a browse through the different styles and colours we offer to see if something fresh would improve your bar uniforms.

bar staff uniformsUniforms for restaurant or bar staff needs to be multifunctional and in the first instance should be designed to look smart and professional. The right uniforms should not only look stylish, they should also help to promote a productive, busy working environment that’s well run and meets health and safety legislation. Customers are always quick to make judgements about the quality of service and hygiene from the presentation of staff, from restaurants bars or hotels, so ensure you make the right impression.

Alongside the style of uniforms, practicality is a hugely important consideration. No self-respecting bar person, waiter or waitress wants to wear something uncomfortable or cumbersome as this will only restrict their ability to their job properly. No one wants to spend their working day uncomfortable- particularly when you’re dealing with the public. With this in mind, choosing the right materials and style is incredibly important and is a decision that your staff will undoubtedly appreciate being involved in.

Our range includes smart bar aprons, stylish shirts and blouses, alongside suits and trousers. Every item we sell is manufactured from high quality fabrics so you’ll have the reassurance of knowing your new uniforms are made to last and will withstand the rigours of life in a busy bar, hotel or restaurant!

Personalised uniforms

Choosing personalised bar staff uniforms is a fantastic way to create a unique look whilst improving staff motivation. Here at Catering Uniforms we offer logo or text embroidery with every order so why not consider adding your logo and staff names to your new bar staff uniforms? Whether its for chef whites or hotel uniforms, the benefits of personalising uniforms with embroidered branding are numerous- we wrote a blog on the subject last month so have a look to find out how they could improve your bar, hotel or restaurant.

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