catering uniforms

Dress to impress with smart new staff uniforms

Hospitality uniforms have changed a lot over recent years and although black and white bar staff uniforms are still popular, many establishments are now adopting a more relaxed look, adding a touch more colour and style variation to their uniforms.

Whilst it’s always important that your staff look smart and well-presented; staff uniforms can prove to be a useful way to create your own image for your bar or restaurant; helping set you apart from the competition whilst enhancing your reputation.

Stylish staff uniforms

There’s no doubt that carefully chosen staff uniforms can make a significant contribution to the atmosphere and image of a bar or restaurant and here at Catering Uniforms you’ll find that we supply a wide range of smart, stylish uniforms, perfect for bar or waiting staff. Many of our aprons, uniforms, shirts and blouses are available in a collection of eye-catching colours, ideal for coordinating or contrasting with the interior design of your establishment.

Practical good looks are important

Not only should staff uniforms look good they should be practical too and with this in mind it’s important not to overlook the practicalities of different types of uniform. Consider which pocket options will be best for carrying an order pad or payment terminal, whilst a bib apron is a great way to protect the uniform underneath. It could be argued that simply wearing a uniform is a practical solution to the problem of what to wear to work and, because changing into a smart uniforms has been shown in studies to boost self-esteem and performance, uniforms can help improve efficiency too!

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Staff uniforms can bring a wide a range of benefits and if you’re considering investing in uniforms for your team we’d be delighted to help. Our experienced sales staff are available to answer any queries you might have so why not get in touch today?