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Enhance Catering Uniforms with Stylish Neckwear

One of the most affordable ways to update hospitality uniforms is to add a stylish touch with some colourful neckwear. Whether you’d like to choose the same colour for every member of your team, or would prefer to mix things up by buying ties and scarfs in complimentary colours, eye catching neckwear is a great way to bring a little elegance to your bar, café or restaurant.
Stylish catering uniforms designed to enhance the image of your brand.

Here at Catering Uniforms we supply a wide range of smart uniforms designed to be worn by bar, waiting and catering staff. Our collection of stylish neckwear includes ties and scarves to suit all styles and budgets, from classically simple bow ties, through to colourful fashion ties and chiffon scarves.

A smart bow tie will never go out of style and for a touch of classical elegance, is pretty hard to beat. When teamed up with a traditional white shirt, black waistcoat and trousers, the bow tie has long been the uniform of choice for anyone looking to create a formal feel. However, if you want to go for something a little more eye catching, coloured bow ties offer the ideal solution. Our range is available in a wide range of colours.

From bow ties to neck ties – we’ve got catering uniforms covered
Clip ties are ideal for anyone on your team who has difficulty tying a traditional tie! A great way to ensure everyone looks smart; our range of fashion clip ties is available in a wide range of stylish colours, including traditional black or white.

Our range of luxurious silk ties offer a great way to inject a dash of colour and with a selection of elegant shades available, our collection has something to complement all colour schemes and enhance the image of your brand.

Here at Catering Uniforms we also supply a range of beautiful chiffon scarves for women, available in a range of colours to complement our men’s range of satin ties. With colours ranging from traditional black and silver, through to vibrant reds, greens and blues, our inspirational range is ideal for freshening up the look of your team’s uniforms.

To find out more about our range of stylish catering uniforms and accessories, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information.