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Are you using colour to create the best impression of your business?

The colours you use for your business can say a surprising amount so we thought we’d give you a brief insight into what different shades of colour can portray to your customers.
Did you know that red, for example, is said to represent courage, warmth and energy, whilst blue gives an impression of trust, efficiency, calm and intelligence? Yellow can be used to represent optimism, confidence and creativity, but green shows balance, reassurance and environmental awareness. Last and by no means least, black can be said to portray sophistication, efficiency and glamour.

Take time to choose the right colours

Interesting isn’t it? When you stop to think about it, colour really does have a significant impact upon our day-to-day spending habits and buying decisions. If your business is well established and has been up-and-running for some time, the chances are that you already have a colour scheme and logo etc. However, if you’re still making those all-important decisions, don’t forget to take some time to consider which colour or colours will help you portray the right impression to your customers.

Stylish, practical catering uniforms from Catering Uniforms

Practicality does, of course, have an influence on choosing catering or bar uniforms and this is why black tends to be the most popular choice. However, injecting splash of colour with contrasting shirts or blouses is a great idea and can really help to get your team noticed. White shirts and blouses still tend to be part of the uniform of choice for many establishments but choosing something a little out of the ordinary can be a great way to reinforce your brand image whilst still creating a professional impression.

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