Yorkshire Chef Uniforms

At Catering Uniforms, we supply the finest uniforms for chefs. Based in Yorkshire, we’ve offer an excellent and varied range of clothing for those who work professionally in kitchens. Whether you need classic chef whites or are looking for a vibrant modern alternative to brighten up your kitchen, we’ve got something that will really look the part for your staff.

Chef Whites for the Traditional Look

The Chef White is a classic look in the industry. Originating in France in the eighteenth century, the chef white was a symbol of the cleanliness of the profession and of the kitchen you were working in. This purity is said to be reflected in the bright white of the jacket and any dirt is easily shown up. The sharpness and prestige that comes with the chef white survives today. We can offer several different options for the chef jacket, including ladies chef jackets as well as meshed panel garments to keep the chef cool. Browse our chef jacket range to see how we can improve the presentation of your staff with these iconic items of uniform.

Modern Alternatives

Whilst the chef white can contribute to a traditional look, some modern alternatives are also available to those who are after a dash more colour in their kitchen. For many in the catering and food services industries, having an open kitchen that can be seen by the public is a part of the style and appeal of some restaurants. To show your staff at their best and at to the atmosphere and ambience of a restaurant with coloured chef jackets, with a whole host of shades and colours to choose from. These maintain some of the stylistic features of the traditional jacket. The double breasted chef look derives from the need to re-fasten jackets to hide stains, but survives through to modern jackets and allows for continuity and style even in chef clothing which has evolved greatly from the classic whites look.

Complete your Chef Outfit

To put the finishing touches to the chef outfit, we have chef trousers and tall chef hats. Also known as the ‘toque blanche’ the chefs hat is another iconic element of the outfit, making any wearer immediately recognisable as part of the profession. There is a story in the culinary world that the original hats would have one hundred folds around the side. This was said to represent the hundred different ways that the wearer knew to cook eggs. Browse our range of chef clothing to find a tall chef hat (ours are around 13”) for your staff. Our trousers for chefs come in the typical hound’s tooth pattern associated with the chef’s uniform. Again, this initially had the purpose of disguising any spills in the kitchen. We can offer comfortable options for those in your kitchen, with several different size options.

Our broad range of products for chef’s clothing is ideal for any look or style of outfit, so wherever you are in Yorkshire, from Bradford to Beverley, Skipton to Sheffield, get in touch today to see how we can help with the best quality chef’s uniform components for your kitchen staff.