Restaurant Uniforms

Our comprehensive collection of restaurant uniforms and work wear for restaurants contains a wide variety of styles, features and colours to meet any uniform requirements. Keep your staff looking smart and coordinated with classic chef whites and jackets and practical and presentable waiting staff attire.

Chef Whites

restaurant uniformsThe classic chef whites should be the go to attire of any professional kitchen, though they don’t always need to be white. Our technicoloured chef jackets are smartly presented. They come with black stud fastening and are available in both long and short sleeve variations. Their central appeal however is that they come in a range of colours, from olive to orchid. If your kitchen is open for the public to view as part of your restaurant design, why not incorporate your chefs’ attire into the design to match the colour and style?

We also have the more traditional white chef whites, with a great variety of buttoning, collar and sleeve options, as well as women’s chef jackets, with a more fitted look than their unisex counterparts. You’ll also find chef’s chequered trousers and of course tall white chefs hats which stand at 13” tall, as well as chef’s scull caps and zandanas for an alternative to the more established chefs hat.

Waiting Staff

The presentation of your waiting staff is vital given the very definite impression it will give to customers and members of the public. The appearance of staff communicates the values of the restaurant, their standards of tidiness and attention to detail, so make the most of the chance to present your waiters and waitress staff at their very best in coordinated and chic restaurant uniforms.

We have a selection of bar and restaurant uniform shirts, available in a classic black look, as well as our long sleeve poplin shirts. These come in a very broad variety of different colours to match the colour schemes of your restaurant. We can also offer more casual uniform shirts, with polo shirts in long and short sleeves. We also have Coolchecker and ladies’ fit options again in a wide variety of colours.

For more formal restaurant uniforms, we also provide particularly smart suits and trousers. With traditional jackets and more modern closer fitting alternatives, as well as waistcoat, pleated and flat front trousers. We also offer plenty of tie colour options so you’ll have exactly what’s needed to dress you restaurant staff in sharp and stylish formal attire.

Personalised Restaurant Uniforms

For a finishing touch to your restaurant uniforms, we have an easy to use embroidery button on our website. When browsing your chosen item of uniform, click the button select from the different options and simply add to cart to place your order.
Studies show that staff in branded uniforms benefit from greater team identity and self-esteem in their work, improving their performance at work.
This is also a chance to communicate your brand’s identity and create an established feel to your restaurant.

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