Restaurant Aprons

We’ve got an excellent range of restaurant aprons in several different styles and colours to meet your needs. With some great practical features as well to help you along your way in a busy kitchen environment, they’re a must for your restaurant clothing.

Restaurant Aprons for Chefs

Whilst the Chef Uniform has typically consisted of chef whites and chequered or hounds tooth trousers, the modern chef uniform will often feature an apron for a number of reasons. The added practicality of an apron, with their pocket options and added protection from spattering and spillage means that the aprons is a really useful addition to the chef uniform and is an important garment to consider when putting together a chef uniform. Our range of restaurant aprons contains a butchers style apron, a smart option which is a common choice for chefs, it features a slim stripe pattern and a handy pocket.
We have the striped apron option in both long and half length options, depending on your choice of style. It is also available in two different colour choices- black and navy and is made from 100% cotton for a soft touch. With a 240 gsm weight its ideal for protecting chef clothing and is durable against the challenges of a kitchen.

Aprons for Bar and Waiting Staff

restaurant apronsIf you want your bar and waiting staff to look the part we have plenty of choices. As well as our smart shirts options for hospitality staff, and more casual polo shirt options for more relaxed occasions, we also have a wide range of aprons in different styles which make great additions to your restaurant uniforms.

With options of restaurant aprons in full length as well as half length and ‘waist apron’ styles, you’ll be sure to find something which matches the style and feel of your restaurant. Remember the value of representing your brand and style through staff uniforms. We also have uniforms in a wide range of different colour options, including Aqua, Emerald, Fuchsia, Lime, Sunflower and Turquoise. So match your staff’s uniform to the colour scheme of your restaurant for a consistent and smart look to your staff’s uniforms.

Practical Options for Restaurant Aprons

With all the challenges faced by staff in a busy restaurant or bar, our aprons have got some great practical options to help. As well as useful pen pockets, a smart addition for those who are taking notes from customers on the go, we also have aprons with three open pockets and space for note pads, pens, and menu information. Our apron wallet is perfect not only for carrying note pads, but also for carrying portable payment terminals, which are increasingly common in restaurants and bars. Let your staff have their hands free and work more efficiently with our handy pocket options for your restaurant aprons.