Personalised Chef Whites

At Catering Uniforms we have an excellent range of chef whites and chef jackets for your chefs and kitchen staff. The standard of presentation for your kitchen staff is vital in communicating your level of hygiene and ensuring customers and visitors of the level of cleanliness in your restaurant or hotel. Having personalised chef whites is a great way to reinforce the attention to detail practised at your restaurant and can lend the impression of a well established kitchen.

Chef Jacket options

personalised chef whitesWe have a whole host of options for your chef whites. Our traditional-looking chef whites are complete with the double breasted fastening style and the classic mandarin collar look to finish off the jacket. You’ll have your staff looking the part in no time.

We also offer long and short sleeve varieties, along with pull on jackets, rather than the more typical stud fastening approach. Our range of coloured jackets are available in a variety of different tones, ideal for matching the style and colour scheme of your kitchen- the perfect way to make an impression of customers.

The Advantages of Personalised Chef Whites

There are several notable advantages to personalising your chef whites. The first and most immediate is the improved presentation of your restaurant to customers. Having a logo, insignia or even just the name and role of staff on chef jackets can demonstrate the level of professionalism of your establishment to visitors. Demonstrating your attention to detail re-assures visitors of the cleanliness and hygiene of your restaurant.

As well as making a great impression on customers, the other side of the story is how staff have been shown to respond to branded uniforms. A 2009 study in California looked at the way hotel staff responded to having personalised uniforms. Those with custom and branded uniforms were shown to have improved self esteem and a greater sense of team identity as a result. This led to an improvement in the performance of staff. If these are qualities you want to foster in your staff, then why not invest in personalised chef whites for your kitchen staff?

Its easy to do

All our garments on our website have an easy button to add embroidery. You can then upload your logo or insignia, or choose the text you’d like to see added, and then add these items to the cart. It’s really straight forward and offers a great value way to make a strong impression on the public whilst boosting staff morale and performance.