Chefs Whites

Chefs Whites are a classic and traditional part of your collection of kitchen and catering uniforms. Our excellent selection of chefs whites features jackets with all the traditional stylistic elements, as well as some modern innovations and practical options to keep your staff both smart and comfortable. We also offer the classic chefs hat to complete the look.

The History of the Chefs Whites

The Chefs Whites date back several centuries. Thought to have been initiated in France by Marie Antoine Careme, the chef white is now a staple part of the chef uniform. Historically the colour of the chef’s jacket was important in the way it symbolised the cleanliness and attention to detail of the kitchen in which the chef was working. This is the origin of the colour white.

Because, rather ironically, this meant that jackets showed spills and stains from food more easily, the studded double breasted jacket was a necessary innovation to the chefs whites. This meant that in the event of a stain, the jacket could often be refastened to hide the marking and the jacket would then still look clean. The chefs jacket has also typically been made of a weightier material, with the thickness of fabric needed to protect the wearer from spills of hot oils and liquids.

With modern safety standards and washing techniques, these features are now only stylistic preferences, but are a nice echo of the traditions of the chefs whites and can tie your establishment into the long culinary history of the garment.

Our Range of Chefs Whites

chefs whitesWe can offer a wide variety of different chefs whites options. As well as the studded fastening, we can offer pull on jackets, which are a practical addition to the wardrobe of any chef. For keeping your staff cool in the heat of a busy kitchen, our Coolmax jackets are a great choice. These feature a specially designed mesh panel on the back of the jacket. This allows for greater temperature control for the wearer, but without compromising on the overall look of the jacket, retaining the classic chefs whites style. With ladies jackets and long and short sleeve varieties available, we’ve got everything you need for great looking chefs whites for your kitchens staff. To complete the style, we also offer the classic chefs hat.

Personalised Chefs Whites

Personalising your chefs whites with some embroidery is an excellent way to make an impression on your customers. We can embroider your chefs uniforms with insignia from your restaurant or company logos. Alternatively simply have the names and roles of your employees and kitchen staff embroidered on your jackets. With studies showing that the improvement in self esteem and a greater sense of team identity which comes as a result of branded uniforms can improve the performance of staff, why not see just how easy it is to personalise your chefs whites.