Chefs Jacket

Have your chefs smart and presentable with our chefs jacket. With a great value placed on the tidiness and appearance of restaurant staff by customers, its vital to make sure the professionalism and cleanliness of your restaurant are clear from your staff. We’ve got plenty of different stylistic and practical options to have our staff looking great and well prepared for the heat of the kitchen.

Chef Whites

Many restaurants opt for the classic chef white look for their chefs jacket. This originated in France in the 19th Century and is still a favourite for kitchens today. We have plenty choices for your chef whites, with different fastening and stud options, as well as pull-on jackets. We can also offer chefs jackets with either long or short sleeves depending on your preference. Other stylistic variations include collar options, such as the classic mandarin collar to round off the look of a chef jacket.

Ladies Chefs Jackets

Ladies Chefs JacketIf you’re looking for a more feminine fit for your chefs jackets, we have some great options here too. Our women’s chef jackets have a different tailored construction, made with a panelled structure for a more flattering fit. These ladies jackets come in a range of sizes as well as long and short sleeve varieties and are made, like most of our jackets, with a mix of cotton and polyester for durability and comfort throughout a busy kitchen shift. Whilst most of our jackets are a unisex fit, if you’re looking for a shape more complimentary to the female figure, then these jackets are a great option.

Practical options

We’ve got some great practical choices for your chefs jacket. Our pull-on chefs jacket is a handy variation to the typical stud fastening. Also, we can offer Coolmax chefs jackets. These come with a mesh panel on the back, specially designed for greater temperature control. These are a really useful addition to your kitchen uniforms, keeping your staff cool whilst also matching the classic chef white style.

Coloured Chefs Jacket Options

For those who want a break with the traditional look of the white chefs jackets, we also stock a great selection of techni colour chefs jackets. These are available in a host of different colours, meaning you can match the style and colour themes of your restaurant to your staff and tie together the look and branding of your site. Our coloured jackets are made using colourfast, which means they’ll keep the intensity of their colour wash after wash to keep your chefs looking great.