Chefs Clothing

Getting your chefs clothing right is a vital part of the way you communicate the values and brand of your restaurant. With customers always eager to draw conclusions on your establishment from the level of presentation of your staff, then its important you make the right impression. Particularly in the food, catering and hospitality sectors where customers are always inspecting the standard of hygiene and attention to detail very closely- and rightly so. To make sure you make the right impression on your customers, here’s our overview of what we can offer you from our range of chefs clothing.

Chef Whites

chefs clothingThe traditional chef white is a staple part of chef clothing, and is the go to choice for many restaurant and hotel kitchens. The white jacket is significant because of the way it has been symbolic of the cleanliness of that establishment. Typically finished with a mandarin collar, a traditional part of the chefs jacket, along with a double breasted fastening to hide stains and spills. Particularly for a more formal or traditionally styled restaurant, a great looking set of chefs whites are a great option.

Other Chef Jacket options

As well as the classic chef white look, some modern alternatives are also available. With our range of coloured jackets, you can match the clothing of your chefs and kitchen staff, to the overall look and feel of your restaurant. With plenty of colour options in both long and short sleeve varieties you’ll be sure to match your style with one of our jackets.

Ladies Chef Jackets

For those who are looking for a more feminine fit, we also offer chefs jackets which are cut for women specifically. With their unique panelled construction, which fits around the bust and waist more flatteringly, these are a great option for those who don’t want to go with a unisex fit. Our ladies chef jackets are available again, in both long and short sleeve options.

Chefs Hat and Other Chefs Clothing

To go with our different options of chefs whites and chef jackets, we’ve also got plenty of other options to finish off your chefs uniform. With comfortable and practical chef trousers in different styles, including the classic chequered look, you can complete your chefs uniform in style. We also have a number of different options for chefs neckerchiefs. These have typically been an important part of the chefs uniform to absorb moisture from the neck and face- an important hygienic function. In air conditioned modern kitchens they’re less necessary, but are often still preferred as a nice stylistic flourish to a smart chefs uniform.

We also have tall chefs hats, in the traditional white, along with some modern alternative such as the zandana, or the scull cap-another iconic part of a chefs uniform.