Chef Whites

Chef Whites are a completely iconic element of the culinary tradition. They’re emblematic of quality, professionalism and of attention to detail. Taking into account both of practicality and style, our varied range of chef white options will allow you to kit out your kitchen staff both to look the part and to be equipped for work in a busy kitchen.

Different styles for your kitchenchef whites

As well as our unisex jackets, we also have different jacket cuts for men and women. The women’s fit offers a neater fit around the upper arm and waist and a panelled back construction for an overall more fitted appearance in the body of the jacket. Our women’s chef jackets come in both short sleeve and long sleeve options with a neat mandarin collar.

Along with the classic chef whites, we’ve also got a coloured range of chef jackets for any stylistic needs. If your restaurant or kitchen is stylised and on display to the public as part of your brand presentation, we have the solution to dressing your kitchen team with traditional attire with an eye-catching and colourful twist. With multi-coloured options available in hues from orchid to olive we’ll be able to match your colour scheme to give off the ideal impression. These jackets are also lightweight and Colourfast to guard against the fading of colours with washing. This keeps your team looking great service after service.

As well as  long and short sleeve options for chef whites, we also have a great selection of different wrap over fastening, buttoning and collar looks depending on your style preferences. We’ve long-sleeve 10 button fastening jackets, with long lasting high quality resin buttons for extra durability as well as jackets with different colour options for removable fastening studs and easycare pull-on single-stud tunics. With these options and many more we really have got high quality chefs wear for all preferences and needs within the hospitality sector.

Comfortable Solutions

Keeping your staff comfortable and smart in the heat and pace of a frenetic kitchen can be a challenge, but our Coolmax chef jackets will keep your team cool under pressure. With the unique 100% Coolmax polyester panelled back for temperature management these jackets come in a unisex styling. They’re finished with a rounded collar and press stud fastening in a variety of different sizes.

Materials and sizes

Most of our jackets are 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton Twill, allowing for a durable and smart garment with a soft-hand feel and superior comfort. To ensure our chef whites are as comfortable as possible, most are also of a light 195 grams per square metre in weight. We stock a wide range of sizes across our different chef white options, from XS to 2XL.  Why not browse our inventory or get in touch with our team to see how we can help?