Chef Uniforms

At Catering uniforms we have a range of stylish and practical chef uniforms. From the traditional chef whites to modern coloured jackets and accessories you’ll find what you’re after at Catering Uniforms to have your chefs looking the part.

Chef Whites

The chef’s jacket, or chef whites, are a fundamental part of chef uniforms. Whilst traditionally these have been white in colour (hence the name), with a distinctive stylistic appearance. This classic chef uniform is believed to date back the 1800s and is credited to French chef Marie-Antoine Careme. If it’s this look you’re seeking then we have plenty of options.

With different fastening and button options, along with both short and long sleeve jackets and pull over jackets, we have a range of choices to suit your needs. Although our jackets have durable material to be long lasting and to protect chefs from the conditions of a kitchen, we also have some modern fabric solutions as well. The Coolmax jacket features a specially designed mesh panel on the back of the jacket which allows for superior temperature control. This keeps chefs comfortable in the heat of a busy kitchen.

With ladies jackets also available in a variety of styles, we’ve got you covered for the classic chef white look.

Coloured Jackets

If you’re after something a little more colourful however, we also have the answer. As well as the ‘white’ chef whites, our techni-colour range comes with both long and short sleeves. Why not dress your chef and kitchen staff in uniforms which match your restaurant design and colour code? This is a great way to tie in to your companies branding.

With a whole range of colours available from olive to orchid, we’re sure to have something to match the colour scheme of your kitchen or restaurant.

Trousers for chef uniforms

Chef UniformsTo add to your chef uniforms we also provide several different chef trouser options. The traditional chequered trousers come in unisex sizing and an easy elasticated waist. We also have pull on chefs trousers, with a rear patch pocket and zip fly. Like all our chef uniforms, our trousers have a soft but durable finish, for a comfortable and practical uniform.


The Chefs Hat

To go along with your chefs jacket, why not finish the look with one of our chefs hats. We can offer the traditional white 13” tall chefs hat, or ‘toque blanche’ which is made from 100% satin cotton. For an alternative to the tall chefs hat, we also offer zandanas which offer a practical and more modern look, with two ties at the back. Finally there’s the scull cap. A one-size fits all flat top cap with an elasticated back and a non crease finish.