Chef Jackets

At Catering Uniforms we have an excellent range of attire for your chefs and kitchen staff. This includes a variety of options for your chef jackets, from traditional chef whites to more modern options and some great practical solutions.

Chef Whites

The traditional chef white look dates back centuries, with the white suggesting the cleanliness of the kitchen, vital within the profession. Our range of classic chef whites includes the jackets with the typical double breasted fastening. Historically this allowed for jackets to be easily refastened to cover up spills and stains. With modern clothing enjoying more frequent washes this is no longer the case, but it still remains as an iconic stylistic feature. We can also offer pull on options, for a simpler look and function.

Chef Jackets with a difference

If the traditional looking chef white isn’t what you’re thinking for your uniform, then we have plenty of modern alternatives to consider. Whilst maintaining much of the original stylistic traditions of the chef jacket, including the double breasted fastening, our multi-coloured range of jackets are a great alternative. With many restaurants choosing to have an open kitchen as part of their design and branding, the appearance of chefs can play an important part in the overall presentation of the establishment.

Having your chefs presented in one of our coloured chef jackets is a great way to tie your staff into the overall look and feel of the restaurant. Remember, having staff clean and well presented is an important as ever in the catering and hospitality sector. Make sure you make the right impression on customers with our smart and eye catching uniforms. Dyed using Colourfast technology our coloured jackets hold their colour after each wash, keeping your staff look great.

As well as our traditional chef whites and coloured chef jackets, we’ve also got some great practical options for your staff. This includes our Coolmax chef jackets, which are constructed with a special mesh panel on the back of the jacket, for improved temperature control. Keep your staff comfortable in the high temperatures of busy kitchens with our Coolmax chef jackets.

Government body the Health and Safety Executive recommends temperatures be kept between 20C in the winter and 28C in the summer as well as no different than 6C difference from the outside temperature. Because of the difficulties staff face from working in kitchens with very high temperatures, there have been TUC calls for a restriction on the maximum temperatures which are acceptable for those working in kitchens. These mesh panel chef jackets are excellent options for helping in keeping staff comfortable as kitchen temperatures rise.

Ladies Chef Jackets

As well achef jackets for ladiess our unisex chef jacket options, we also offer specific ladies chef jackets. These have a slightly different panel construction, allowing for a more flattering fit for the female figure. These tailored jackets also come in long and short sleeve options and are made from a combination of polyester and cotton for a durable fabric which is still soft to the touch.

Pesonalise Your Chef Jackets

A great way to make a good impression on customers is to have your chef jackets personalised. We can embroider chef jackets with either text, such as the name and particular role of an employee, or with a logo. Stitching insignia into a jacket offers a classy finishing touch to your garments. Our handy embroider button makes it really simple to do. Click the button, choose your options, add to the cart then your away. Personalised chef jackets have also been shown to have a positive effect on the moral of staff. In turn, this has boosted their performance.