Chef Jackets UK

Ensuring that your chefs and kitchen staff are well presented is an important part of building a reputation in the catering and hospitality sector. Guests and customers will often make judgements on the standard of hygiene of a kitchen from the presentation of staff, so making sure you get your chef uniforms right is central to hitting the right note.

Chef Whites

chef jackets ukMany restaurants, cafes and hotels still opt for the chef white look. This traditional outfit adds a touch of class to your kitchen and is a nice way to tie your establishment into a long culinary tradition. Dating back several centuries, the set of chef whites has become a classic look for chefs and can be achieved with our range of great clothing products.

With our chef jackets in the traditional white colour, which originally was intended to be symbolic of the cleanliness of the kitchen, you can make a great start to your chef uniforms. The double breasted jacket fastening is an historic feature of the chef jacket which still survives. This was originally included so as to make it easier to hide stains and spills from the kitchen. The chef could simply re-button the jacket to cover the mark. Most of our chef whites include this feature, although with modern washing techniques and hygiene standards these are more of a stylistic relic than a necessary feature.

Our chef jackets range also includes Coolmax jackets. These are made with a specially designed mesh panel on the back. This panel allows for greater temperature control, vital in a busy kitchen. Keep your staff smart and comfortable with our range of chef jackets.

Coloured Chef Jackets

Choosing the uniforms for your staff is a great opportunity to tie their uniforms into the overall look of your establishment. With our great collection of coloured chef jackets, you can match or complement the style of your kitchen. Retaining some features of the traditional chef look, such as the stud fastenings, these jackets come in an array of different colours, from Royal Blue to Orchid.

Personalised Chef Jackets UK

Personalising your chefs jackets is another great way to make an impression on customers. Add a notable professional flourish to your staff’s uniform by having a logo or insignia embroidered. Our range of staff clothing, including our chef jackets, can be customised through our website. It’s easy to do and a very affordable way to make a great impression on both visitors and your staff. Studies have shown improvement in the performance of staff from wearing branded uniforms. The greater self-esteem and team identity gained make a telling difference to their approach to their work. Why not take the chance to have personalised chef whites for your kitchen staff?