Catering Uniform

Across the catering and hospitality sectors, the clothing of staff is an important way in which the quality of service and standard of hygiene are communicated to the customer. Having staff presented in a smart catering uniform is a central part of making the right impression, guarding your reputation and earning repeat bookings and return visits from customers. Our excellent selection of clothing means its easy to put together smart and practical catering uniforms for your staff, without great expense.

Chef Catering Uniform Options

catering uniformWhen picking out a uniform for their chefs or their kitchen staff, many restaurants like to opt for the more traditional look of the chef whites. We have an extensive range of white chef jackets, with the classic double breasted stud fastening, as well as easy pull on options. Give your staff a smart uniform tying into centuries of tradition with our collection of chef whites.

We also have coloured chef jackets, as well as the iconic chequered trousers and tall chefs hat to finish the chef uniform, along with several other options, so why not browse our range?

Waiting Staff Uniforms

Your waiters and waitresses are the ones who have the most contact with your customers. This means that their presentation is particularly important. With our collection of smart clothing you can have your staff dressed to impress as well as having the practicality to perform their roles to a high standard.

We can offer shirts and blouses for waiting staff in long, short, roll or cap sleeve varieties. We also offer shirts in a wide selection of different colours. This is a great chance to match the uniforms of your staff to the existing style and d├ęcor of your restaurant or hotel. To finish your catering uniform for waiting staff, we can also provide a great set of options for bar aprons. With a number of styles, lengths, colours and pocket options, these are a useful and presentable addition to your catering uniform.

Smart Uniforms

if you are in need of more formal attire for staff then we can help here as well. Our range of suits and shirts means that you can have very smartly dressed staff without all the cost. We have both the classic formal suit jackets, with pleated trousers, along with modern slimmer fitting suit jackets complete with flat front trousers. This variety means that you can better match your staff uniform to your restaurant style. Complete the formal uniform with one of our ties, which come in different styles and colour options.