Bar Uniform

Dress your bar staff in great looking outfits with Catering Uniforms. We’ve got everything you need to put together smart and practical uniforms which compliment your bar style and colouring. If you’re looking for a bar uniform that’s great value and high quality you’re in the right place.

Bar Uniform Shirts and Blouses

bar uniform aprons and shirtsThe basis of a bar uniform will typically be a shirt or blouse. We’ve got some great options for your staff to start with. Our unisex shirts have both long, short and roll sleeve options, which come with special buttoned tabs to keep shirt sleeves neatly rolled. In addition, we also have very durable poplin shirts. These come in a range of different colour options, so no matter the colour of your bar, you’ll be able to find a colour to match or compliment its look. Picking the style of uniform is a great way of continuing the brand image of your bar, through colour and style, so take time to consider the options.

For a more feminine fit, we’ve got ladies blouses, which again come in long and short sleeve, as well as the capped sleeve option. This is a classic bar and waitress look. Once again, we’ve got ladies poplin shirts as well in a range of colours. These have a slightly different construction, meaning they’re more flattering to the female figure.


The apron is an important practical and stylistic addition to a bar uniform. With plenty of different pocket choices, as well as styles and lengths, we’ve got the apron of choice for your bar uniform. We’ve bistro aprons, shorter wrap around aprons and longer ¾ length options, each with handy pocket options.

With portable payment terminals becoming more commonplace in bars and restaurants, our apron wallet has its own fabric ties or fits on a belt. It’s ideal for carrying a payment terminal or notepad for busy bar staff who need their hands free.

Formal Suits

Depending on the style of your bar, you may decide to opt for a more formal looking suit for your bar uniform. A high end cocktail bar, or hotel bar may be better suited to a traditional look. We have both classic suit jackets and pleated trousers as well as more modern slimmer fitting jackets and flat front trousers. Our range of different tie options and colours offers the ideal way to finish off a smart bar uniform. We can offer bow ties as well as standard, clip, silk and satin ties. Again, this is a great chance to tie the presentation of your staff into the overall look and style of your bar.